Avuncular Testing

Avuncular Testing confirms or denies the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged aunt/uncle and a child. In cases where the alleged biological father of a child is unable to be tested, California DNA Testing can perform what is known as an avuncular DNA test. In these tests, we examine the DNA of the child alongside the DNA of the biological brother or sister of the alleged father.
Avuncular Testing

Who Can Undertake Avuncular Testing?

Any prospective aunt or uncle of the child can get DNA testing done to help establish the true lineage of your child. In a legal situation where the father is not available for testing, all hope is not lost. A full blood brother or sister of the father can take the test in order to prove paternity.

Avuncular testing indicates the probability of the relationship because siblings share approximately 50% of the DNA with each other. Their niece or nephew should share approximately 25% of their DNA and only a professional test and report can indicate the probability of a relationship.

Why Choose California DNA Testing for Avuncular Testing?

At California DNA Testing, we understand how sensitive your situation is and how urgently you need accurate results. We make sure to keep your convenience and ease in mind throughout the process, so you aren’t unnecessarily burdened with difficult instructions and unanswered questions. We can get your results securely delivered to you as early as two business days.

We offer quick and accurate results, and we’re compassionate for your needs from the beginning. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our straightforward pricing and avuncular testing procedure.

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How to Get a Avuncular Test



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