DNA Testing in Oakland

DNA Testing in Oakland, CA

Whether you need to clear your doubts, or just need to be recognized, California DNA Testing will provide the answers you need.

When life brings you major questions, you need a company that can provide you accurate answers in a hurry. California DNA Testing prides itself on being the leading provider of DNA testing in Oakland. 

We offer a variety of tests for both private and legal matters. All of our DNA test results boast an accuracy rating of 99% or more. Hence, you can trust the results you’re getting when you work with us. Additionally, our team provides the answers you’re looking for in record time. Most of our clients will get their results in 3 business days, and we’re able to accommodate some clients with results in just 2 business days. 

What is Our DNA Testing Process?

When you’re getting DNA testing done, you want to make sure you can trust the company who’s taking the test, analyzing, and delivering your results. Not only is privacy important, but accuracy and speed are also of the essence when it comes to getting the genetic testing you need completed the right way.

When you first call us for a DNA test, we understand your current emotional situation and we make sure we do whatever we can to make you feel secure and comfortable. Once we know what sort of test you require, we will ask you to come in on the appointment date to meet with the DNA sample collector and get the process through quickly and efficiently with all the required medical protocols put in place.

Once you have given your test, you can go home and rest awaiting the results. We will take the DNA samples and submit them to the laboratory for analysis. After carefully taking care of this integral step, and once the testing is completed, you will receive your DNA tests as soon as possible. You can expect to receive the tests within 2 to 3 business days from the date of your initial appointment in which you submitted your DNA samples.

Our greatest concern is to ensure your results are gathered and interpreted as accurately as possible and that the results are in your hands in a matter of days. We understand how difficult it is to wait regarding such matters, especially when you’re getting the testing done for legal purposes, and we do what we can to make the process highly efficient for your convenience.

Why Choose Us for DNA Testing in Oakland, California?

Beyond a DNA Test…

While many companies are ready and willing to sell paternity testing, we aim to do more. We understand that when our clients call us – they might be in a bad spot. The last thing they need is someone on the other line trying to sell them on an unnecessary service. Our staff consults with each of our clients to help them determine which type of test best suits their needs.

Faster Turnaround Times

When it comes to turnaround times, we blow the competition out of the water! We work quickly on behalf of our clients to collect, transport, and analyze their DNA samples. Then, we follow up with our clients immediately upon completion of our analysis and reporting with the results. Many of our clients are frustrated, scared, and needing answers – we do not take this lightly. We take it upon ourselves to be as responsive and quick as possible. We will get your DNA test results to you within 2-3 days of your initial appointment in which you gave your DNA samples. We make sure to prioritize a high-quality process for accurate results while delivering your results to you in a timely manner.


Accuracy is the cornerstone of any reliable paternity testing service in Oakland or any area. If you’re taking a test, you want to know that you’ll be able to confide in the result. Fortunately, our laboratory partner is certified by the American Association of Blood Banks. This certification means that our laboratory complies with all regulations and uses the most cutting-edge technology in order to produce an accurate result, every time. Our clients can expect results with over 99% accuracy for cases of inclusion, meaning that a biological relationship exists. For cases of exclusion, or when a biological relationship does not exist, we can report with 100% accuracy.

Different Types of DNA Testing We Offer

We offer a wide range of DNA testing to satisfy your needs.

 Some of the DNA testing we offer include:

In some cases, the alleged father or relative will refuse to give the DNA test and this can leave you feeling confused on what steps to take next. The good news is that you can get avuncular testing done to remedy this situation. An avuncular test is used to establish the child’s relationship to an uncle or aunt. Once the relationship is determined, it can be used to determine who the biological mother or father is as they will be the sibling of the aunt or uncle.

In most cases, individuals usually opt for DNA testing to satisfy any doubts they have, or as court evidence for a legal matter. No matter what you need, you can rely on us to provide accurate and reliable results.

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