Siblingship Testing

Siblingship Testing confirms or denies the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged siblings. They say blood is thicker than water – family above all. That’s why many residents are heading to California DNA Testing Centers for DNA siblingship testing in California. DNA siblingship tests compare the genetic profile of one person to another to confirm or negate a genetic match. While it is preferable to test the parents to confirm a genetic likeness – the parents aren’t always capable or available to complete this testing. Hence, people seek DNA sibling tests in California to establish or deny sibling relationships.

When Will I Need a Siblingship Test?

If you met someone who you believe is your long-lost sibling, the best way to confirm your hunch is to get a siblingship test. This DNA test determines if two individuals share the same parents. The test can be used to determine if two individuals are full siblings, meaning they have the same biological mother and father, or to determine if they are half siblings, meanings they share the same biological mother but not the same father.

If the two individuals are full siblings, they will have 50% of their mother’s DNA and 50% of their father’s DNA. This means that 50% of the sibling’s DNA should be identical. If they’re half siblings, then 25% of their DNA will be identical. This test isn’t just great for determining if you’ve found a long-lost sibling but is also very useful when it comes to making child support claims and also claims for inheritance.

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Whether you’re trying to determine if you’ve run into a mysterious sibling or whether you need to make an inheritance claim, siblingship testing can give you the solid evidence you need to make your point. At California DNA Testing we prioritize your convince and we’re compassionate about helping you get accurate and quick results so you can move forward with your case with confidence.

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