Maternity Testing

Maternity Testing confirms or denies the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. A maternity DNA test establishes whether or not a biological relationship exists between the child and the alleged mother. Children inherit 50% of their genetics from their mother and the remaining 50% of their genetic profile is composed of their father’s genes. As a result, we confirm whether or not a child is related to the alleged biological mother without the father’s participation in the test.

Who Needs to Get Maternity Testing?

If you’re going through a legal situation or a personal matter, there are chances you may need to get maternity testing done. The purpose of maternity testing is to determine who the biological mother of the child actually is. Children inherit 50% of their DNA from each of their parents so a DNA test can easily determine who the of the child mother truly is.

What Happens During the Maternity Testing Process?

If you decide to undertake a maternity test, you can rest assured that this is a noninvasive and easy process. You start by calling in and booking your appointment to give your DNA sample. Once the DNA sample is given for both you and the child, you simply wait until we process the results and deliver the report to you.
If the DNA of the mother does not match the DNA of the child, then they are not reported as the biological mother.

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How to Get a Maternity Test



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