Prenatal Paternity Tests in California

Everything You Need to Know

When a mother-to-be has doubts about the paternity of her unborn child, she can turn to California DNA Testing for a prenatal paternity test. This type of test helps put mothers’ minds at ease by providing them with an accurate and reliable answers to their questions. In this post, we will discuss why a pregnant mother might need a prenatal paternity test, how the process works, and why California DNA Testing offers one of the most competitive options in California for this service.

Why Would I Need a Prenatal Paternity Test?

Prenatal paternity tests are helpful in many situations. Some women want to be sure that they are carrying their partner’s child before they make any decisions about the pregnancy; others may have reason to doubt the identity of the father and need confirmation before deciding whether or not to proceed with the pregnancy. Additionally, some couples use prenatal paternity tests as part of their pre-birth planning process if they have any concerns about the biological father’s rights or responsibilities for the unborn child.
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How Does a Paternity Test While Pregnant Work?

The process for getting a prenatal paternity test is quite simple. First, you must contact California DNA Testing to arrange an appointment at a partnering collection site near you. After the appointment is set, our collection site will draw your sample. Our non-invasive prenatal paternity test involves drawing blood from the mother’s arm, and taking a cheek swab from the potential father.

Once your sample is collected, it will be sent off for testing at our lab. Depending on which option you choose, you can have your results back anywhere from one week to three weeks after your sample is collected. All results are 100% confidential and only shared with those involved in the case, so you can rest assured that your privacy is always protected.

Is Prenatal Paternity Testing Safe for the Baby?

Our NIPPT tests are minimally-invasive. Given they only require a blood draw from the mother’s arm, they are no more dangerous than your routine blood work done while pregnant. Therefore, you and your baby can both expect to be safe during this process.

How Accurate Are Prebirth Paternity Tests?

All of our testing is over 99% accurate, so you can be sure that you can rely on the results we provide you with.

Why Choose California DNA Testing?

California DNA Testing offers some of the most competitive rates in California for prenatal paternity testing services—and we can have your results ready in as little as one week depending on the option you choose! We also provide expert guidance throughout every step of the process and offer support services such as court testimony if necessary.

We understand how important accuracy and timeliness are when it comes to obtaining answers about your unborn baby’s fatherhood status. We pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate results so that our clients can make informed decisions about their pregnancies without having to worry about delays or inaccuracies.

When it comes time for pregnant mothers who need answers about their unborn baby’s fatherhood status, there is no better option than a prenatal paternity test from California DNA Testing. Our extensive experience combined with our competitive prices and fast turnaround times make us an ideal choice when it comes to obtaining reliable answers quickly and confidently. If you think that you may benefit from taking a prenatal paternity test, don’t hesitate – contact us today to get started! If you prefer to avoid phone calls, no problem! Simply fill out the contact form and we’ll email you with the answers to your questions.

How to Get a Prenatal Paternity Test



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Then, all participants taking part in the test meet with our DNA sample collector.


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After, California DNA Testing submits your samples to the laboratory for analysis.



Finally, California DNA Testing delivers your results within 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the option you choose after collecting your DNA samples.

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